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Born in Budapest, 1974.

2006: Publications editor diploma 
2004: Diploma in computer graphic illustration 
2002: Diploma in interior design 
1992-98: Degree in architecture, MSc. - Budapest University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture


2014: Pagony Wandering Pen – Award for the unique and creative activities in the field of contemporary children's literature, for ten years of undiminished work 
2013: Certificate of Appreciation for "Exemplary Volunteer Activities" from Ministry of National Resources 
2013: Friends of the Museum Certificate for the exhibition of her hand-made “Berry and Dolly" puppets 
2013: PRO CIVITATE award for Outstanding writer and wide range of other performance 
2013: Premio Cartoons award in Italy for Berry and Dolly animated cartoon series 
2013:. Berry and Dolly cartoon series won the Kecskemet Film Festival audience award 
2012: „Bravery Test” tale was awarded by Astellas’s special prize 
2012: Hoppie’s tales won Hungarian National Tourist Office price 
2012: Book Fair in Istanbul, Turkey: Plaque for children’s reading experiment 
2011: The Berry and Dolly animated series, produced by Kedd Animation Studio, won Best Short Film Award at Jiangyin Children’s Film Festival 
2010: Readers award at “50 Books for 10 years” for the Anna, Pete and Greg series 
2007: Recognition for contribution for the creation of Week of Birth 
1998: Diploma Award from Municipality of Budapest Mayor's Office 
1997: The Public Building Construction Co. Special Award 
1997: The Hungarian Chamber of Architects awards 
1997: The Department of Materials and Structures certification for outstanding performance 
1996: Award from the History and Theory of Architecture Institute for church reconstruction 
1996: EVOSZ student award 
1996: Recognition of outstanding academic performance from BME Faculty of Architecture Dean's Office


HOPPIE’S TALES - Visiting the City of Pecs, Extended re-edition (2012) 
HOPPIE’S TALES - A Tour Around the City of Pecs: An illustrated storybook presenting the city of Pecs with illustrations by the author as part of the European Cultural Capital Programme (2010, Alexandra)


11 books, 2006-2009, Alexandra Publishing House
The series describes the everyday adventures of a young family with illustrations by the author. 170 stories have been published in a total of 11 volumes.


21books, from 2004 onwards, Pozsonyi Pagony Publishing House 
The Berry and Dolly stories are about Berry, the little snail, Dolly, his ladybird friend and their friends: the bee, stag-beetle, and butterfly girl with illustrations by the author. 
The books of the Berry and Dolly series were published in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Turkey and in China, furthermore negotiations are underway with more foreign publishing houses.

Locomotive – Children’s poetry (2011, Alexandra) 
Fluffy Clouds - Children’s poetry (2010, Alexandra) 
Centipede – Poems for children attending kindergarten (2009, Alexandra) 
Lucky Dip – Poems for children attending kindergarten (2008, Alexandra)


Bumpy-Bump (Hepehupa) CD – Poems melodised by Kiskalász band (2010, Alexandra) 
Centipede CD – 18 poems melodised by Kiskalász band (2010, Alexandra) 
Lucky Dip CD – 16 poems melodised by Kiskalász band (2009, Alexandra)


Balaton – Storybook illustrated with dough pictures with a music CD – Alma Band (2010 Universal Music)


2014: My heart is healed! –An informative booklet for children who have heart surgery, based on the request of Gottsegen György National Institute of Cardiology 
2014: Guardian Angel – Stories about acceptance 
The storybook is about the daily lives of disabled children conveying the values of acceptance, love and help through their stories. 
2012: Bravery Test – The book was published in the edition of Guardians Foundation in order to help children suffering from cancer and leukaemia. A unique and gap-filling publication; in Hungary so far such comprehensive publication with a charitable goal – within the topic of paediatrics- has not been published. 
2011: I am waiting for Cardiac Catheterization – A preparatory booklet for children suffering from heart diseases based on the request of Gottsegen György National Institute of Cardiology


Cycle trip to Camomile Island (2012) 
Berry and Dolly’s Family and Friends (2010) 
The Little Train In Moss Valley (2008) 
Berry and Dolly – Witches (2007) 
Berry and Dolly – The Kite (2005) 
Berry and Dolly – The Rainbow (2004)


Berry and Dolly - Third series, 13 tales (2014) 
Berry and Dolly - Second series, 13 tales (2011) 
Berry and Dolly – First series, 13 tales (2010) 
Kedd Animation Studio, under the direction of Géza M. Tóth, has produced a 26-part animated series of 5-minute episodes based on the Berry and Dolly stories published to date. The series is currently being aired in Hungarian cinemas, available on DVD and is broadcasted by Minimax television channel in six countries. The Berry and Dolly animation, produced by Kedd Animation Studio, won Best Short Film Award at Jiangyin Children’s Film Festival.


Berry and Dolly – Friendship 
Berry and Dolly – The Rainbow 
Berry and Dolly – Alfonzo’s Fiddle 
The three stories published by Sanoma Hungary are available at the Apple Store for iPad and iPhone applications.


2013: London, Hungarian Cultural Institute, and Guildford, Hungarian Cultural Association 
2013: Brussels Hungarian Cultural Institute 
2013: Gödöllő, House of Art 
2013: Székelyudvarhely, Haáz Rezső Museum 
2013: Budapest, Klebelsberg Kultúrkúria 
2013: Szolnok, Verseghy Ferenc Library 
2013: Szeged, Szent-Györgyi Albert Library 
2012: Budapest, Millenáris Cultural Center 
Exhibition featuring the book entitled Bravery Test in the edition of Guardians Foundation. The publication is targeting children suffering from cancer and leukaemia. 
2012: International Istanbul Book Fair – invited guest 
2012: Tokyo International Animation Festival- invited guest 
2012: Pécs, Knowledge Centre – Csorba Győző County-level and Town Library 
2012: The Djami Mosque in the town Esztergom 
2012: Budapest, Millenáris – Red-black Gallery 
2011: FUGA Architectural Centre



Fairytale screening in Transylvania


Berry and Dolly won Best Short Film Award in China


International Children's Day at Embassy of Poland, in Tokio


Berry and Dolly puppet exhibition