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Berry and Dolly puppet exhibition

The Berry and Dolly puppet book took me one and a half years to prepare. I loved every bit of it.  Following 18 books of the series in this book I have used puppets for the illustration of the story. I have prepared every single part myself, on my own. As a first step I have written the story, the script, I have compiled the scenes; I have sewn the characters, prepared the scenes and venues, the houses and the forest. I have used paper, wood, lots of different kinds of textiles, cork and plasticine; I have tried to find the most simple and prettiest solutions. This was an exciting reach back to my original trade, to architecture.  

Once the book was published, featuring the original puppets an exhibition was organised at various venues. My puppets were exhibited in various towns of Hungary, but they have also visited venues across the border. Here you can find images of the exhibition organised at Klebelsberg Cultural and Art Centre, furthermore about the preparation of the book.

Recommendation from the back page of the puppet book: „The charming, enchanting characters of Erika Bartos recall the most beautiful period of my childhood. My puppets, prepared by my mum using the leftover materials from her rag basket returned in my mind in a renewed form taking me back to the world of innocence evoking the times when the simple truth of fairytales represents reality.” Ottó Foky

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