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Berry and Dolly won Best Short Film Award in China

The 11th China International Children’s Film Festival held in Jiangyin – a city located close to Shanghai- , one of the most prestigious children animation events of the world, finished with Hungarian success. At the event Berry and Dolly, the animated series of KEDD Animation Studio won Best Short Film Award. (writer and illustrator: Erika Bartos, director: Antonin Krizsanics and Géza M. Tóth)

Géza M. Tóth, producer-director received the recognition in person. According to M. Tóth this success proved that the Berry and Dolly production is also understandable and lovable by international children audience.

The director outlined that they started promising negotiations about the screening of the series on Chinese television. To start with they entered into negotiations with the largest children’s television channel in Shanghai, called HaHa TV operated by Shanghai Media Group, but hopefully the successful participation at the festival will also enable them to broadcast at national level in China. He pointed out that via the broadcasts of HaHa television they could reach nearly ten million households within the catchment area of Shanghai; at national level they are expecting multiple amount of this number. "We have received significant help from Ágota Révész, educational and cultural diplomat for the organisation of the negotiations.”- he added.

Géza M. Tóth emphasised: in the case of children’s films they are concentrating more on film fairs rather than participation at festivals. As the film’s financing came from own funds, the successful international distribution will have impact on the entire future work of the studio. "We cannot afford not to successfully distribute the film, as our manufacturing costs invested into the production will only bring return through television broadcasts." – he added, referring to the fact that for now they can only rely on foreign television channels and the international thematic televisions also broadcasting in Hungary, because the large Hungarian commercial television channels and public television currently do not manufacture or purchase children’s films. They are hoping to close deals with respect to the Berry and Dolly series with Finland, Turkey and United States of America.


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