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Fairytale screening in Brussels

I have recently visited Brussels; I have been invited by the Hungarian Cultural Institute. I have returned home with fantastic memories, I cannot really say enough thanks to my inviters: Adrienn Burányi, Balassi Institute and Emese Savoia-Keleti, arcFAM Association and to everyone who helped organising the program. For me the most interesting experience was how easily can children living abroad for a longer time soak up precious language skills.  

I was very excited to tell stories to the families gathered at such exciting venue. The building of the Institute was built on the one-time city wall, so the hall where we sat was surrounded by an ancient stone wall. Special thanks for the lovely “Csiribiri” musical show!

Brussels is lovely, especially through the eyes of an architect. Tremendous amount of chocolatiers invite visitors with a sweet-tooth offering indefinable amount and quality of Belgian chocolate, astonishing window-shops and smell. It is absolutely magical.  

I am very glad to visit Brussels and thank you very much for the kind letter, which I was very pleased to read. Adrienne Burányi, co-worker of the Hungarian Cultural Institute in Brussels wrote to me followings:

„Thank you for the extremely successful programme, for the pleasant presentation and for all them tales, which will be used by mums from year to year “to entertain and to put to sleep” our children.

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